Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is an emerging deciduous artist in the American bonsai community.  Andrew recently completed a 3 year apprenticeship with Michael Hagedorn, after graduating from Yale University. Andrew serves as a member of the Portland Bonsai Village, and has previoisly served as a board member of the American Bonsai Society. He currently exhibits work at the Portland Japanese Garden, and regularly lectures at the garden's Japanese Arts Learning Center. Andrew and his family are currently building a deciduous-focused bonsai garden, school and nursery, RAKUYO-en, just outside of Portland, Oregon. While some conifers hang around RAKUYO, the overwhelming focus is on deciduous bonsai.


M.M. - Yale University

Bonsai Apprenticeship - Crataegus Bonsai / Michael Hagedorn

RAKUYO is a home for deciduous bonsai in the United States. Founded amongst a coniferous-centered bonsai community, RAKUYO aims to promote the world of deciduous trees and the rarely-taught techniques associated with them. From growing the traditional Japanese deciduous classics to pioneering American native deciduous species, RAKUYO promotes the substantial variety of trees and shrubs that the world of deciduous bonsai has to offer. A future school, garden, and nursery, RAKUYO BONSAI strives for a natural elegance and beauty in the ramification of our works.


RAKUYO (落葉) is a Japanese word that translates to 'deciduous, fallen leaves'. 

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