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At RAKUYO, we aim to spread the passion and techniques of developing highly-ramified DECIDUOUS BONSAI across the United States. As a traveling bonsai artist, Andrew Robson is available for club presentations, lectures, demonstrations, workshops and critiques. Additionally, Andrew is available for private work, teaching students and maintaining private collections throughout North America. Digital Education and Consulting is also available via telephone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. To inquire more about services: contact us


Bonsai School

TO signup for a class, email Andrew at
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Bonsai Aesthetics Class, with Michael Hagedorn (Crataegus)

This is a course entirely focused on bonsai aesthetics, both in the context of the individual tree and formulated into a complete display. In this new 2-day offering from Andrew Robson and Michael Hagedorn, students will learn how to evaluate bonsai, helping them to buy and create better trees that exude the very best quality possible for a particular species and style. Students will also learn how to properly display bonsai, both at home in a tokonoma format and at a show in an exhibition format. 

Limited to 12 Students 

Tuition $500 ($250 non-refundable deposit to hold spot in class, and remaining $250 due at the start of the class)

April 27-28


Shohin School

Winter SHohin Seminar

Featuring Shohin Master Daisaku Nomoto from Japan, the Winter Shohin School includes panel discussions, lectures, group exercises, critiques, demos and workshops designed to maximize your understanding of shohin bonsai display and development. Saturday will focus on the displaying shohin bonsai, while Sunday will focus on the creation and maitenence of shohin bonsai. Participants should bring their own display shohin (if you have any) for the group exhibit exercise, and bring their own shohin development projects (if you have any) to use in the group workshop. If you don't have any display or development shohin, our shohin marketplace will have plenty of great options to choose from. 

Headliners: Daisaku Nomoto, Jonas Dupuich & Andrew Robson

Tuition $250

January 27-28, 2024


2024 Deciduous Intensives

- Small class size (4 students max)

- Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm

- Bring your own deciduous or work on trees from our garden

- Tuition $500 per weekend ($250 non-refundable deposit to hold spot in class, and remaining $250 due at the start of the class)

Spring Classes 

February 17-18 (SOLD OUT), March 2-3 (2 spots left), March 9-10 (SOLD OUT)

Summer Classes 

June 8-9 (SOLD OUT), June 22-23 (SOLD OUT), July 13-14 (2 spots left)

Fall Classes

October 19-20 (SOLD OUT), November 2-3 (1 spot left), November 9-10 (1 spots left)

Forest Building Class With John Eads (Left Coast Bonsai)
This one day class will teach students the fundamentals of forest bonsai design, studying core concepts of forest making from Saburo Kato and looking at examples from RAKUYO and famous forest bonsai from Japan. After a morning of forest study, Andrew and John will demonstrate how to build a forest, and then students will build forests the rest of the afternoon. Material is available for purchase (extra costs) if the students want to bring home a forest, or students can build a forest for RAKUYO (no extra cost).

Limited to 6 Students per class

Available species: Japanese Maple, Vine Maple, Trident Maple, Red Maple (Acer rubrum), Larch, Beech, and Stewartia. 

Tuition $250 ($125 non-refundable deposit to hold spot in class, $125 due at the start of the class)

March 16 - 9am-4pm (5 spots left)

March 17 - 9am-4pm (5 spots left)


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