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Update on 2 Winter Hazels

Here are a few photo updates on two of my winter hazels (Corylopsis spicata). These two flamboyant trees are the two crown jewels of my collection, putting on an exhilarating show in early spring to announce they have awoken from their dormancy.

winter hazel from March 2018

winter hazel from October 2018

winter hazel from December 2018

Further development on this first winter hazel will involve growing the main trunk a little thicker to distinguish it more from the rest of the group. This will very slowly and subtly over many years using leaf cutting techniques.

winter hazel from February 2018

winter hazel from November 2018 - before work

winter hazel in November 2018 - after work

Further development on this second winter hazel will involve growing out the left side of the tree more to better realize the change of flow that we achieved in the restyling early this year. See Reworking of a Winter Hazel for more on that! I'm also on the lookout for a container for this tree, I'm thinking something with a baby-blue glaze to harmonize with the flowers

And speaking of those flowers... I'll be sure to take some photos this spring, just when they're at their peak of showing off during flowering. Winter hazel is a lovely addition to a bonsai collection, and as they're one of the first plants in the new year to show breathtaking beauty, the early spring flowers the produce awaken a sense of excitement for the ranks of other plants behind them to begin their gorgeous spring growth.

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