• Andrew Robson

Stand for a Winter Hazel

Earlier this year I commissioned Austin Heitzman to build a stand for my large Winter Hazel (Corylopsis spicata). We collaborated together on the design, combining a traditional Japanese open legged stand with the multiple-dowel concept of a classic, traditional deciduous stand. For the material we decided that the redness a mahogany timber would pair nicely with the vibrant yellow flowers that chandelier from the Winter Hazel twigs every spring.

Winter Hazel (Corylopsis spicata) on a mahogany stand by Austin Heitzman. Displayed with a Japanese ceramic bizen-ware rabbit on a eucalyptus jita. (Photo by Austin)

Austin shooting the Winter Hazel in the studio

Andrew & Austin discussing the pairing of a Salal (Gaultheria shallon) with the Winter Hazel during a photoshoot for Bonsai Focus

Since the photoshoot earlier this spring, this Winter Hazel was repotted into a better position in the pot.

Winter Hazel after flowering and repotting at new position

This tree needs some subtle improvements I'll work toward in the next decade. The main trunk could be a bit larger, so to achieve this we'll begin partial defoliating (or leaf cutting, taking a scissors and cutting leaves in half) the leaves of the smaller trunks and let the main tree grow freely. Many years of doing this, and we should start to see a difference!

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