• Andrew Robson

Podcast with Bonsai Mirai

I had a great time sitting down with Ryan Neil of BONSAI MIRAI this week and recording a podcast for Asymmetry.

"In this episode, dive into all things deciduous with bonsai professional Andrew Robson of Rakuyo Bonsai, another artist on the cutting edge of American bonsai's evolution. Andrew is not only a bonsai practitioner, but an accomplished musician; listen as Ryan and Andrew explore the dichotomy of Ryan's love of conifers, and Andrew's devotion to deciduous. They examine their thoughts about performing (both musically and in bonsai), their respective apprenticeships, and their passion for native North American species."

We're planning on several more podcasts in the near future. Thanks Ryan for a great conversation!

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-e6tki-d3b6e2

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