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Kousa Dogwood - Winter Update

Kousa Dogwood - December 2019

We're happy to see the progress that this Kousa Dogwood has made in a relatively short amount of time. In just one growing season... we've managed to shorten/broaden the crown and begin growing out some of the lower branching to give this dogwood a more natural, broad form.

Kousa Dogwood - April 2019

Although there's still much more work to do, it's encouraging to see progress in a short span of time, especially in the deciduous facet of bonsai art that is notoriously slow.

Kousa Dogwood - beginning to change color - October 2019

Check out our previous post of this dogwood for it's history and background. https://www.rakuyobonsai.com/post/kousa-dogwood

Kousa Dogwood - December 2019

We're looking forward to a few more growing seasons of working with this tree, it's on its way to becoming a very special part of the RAKUYO collection.

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