• Andrew Robson

Digital Education / Consulting

Like many small businesses, we're taking a hit from the Cornovirus Pandemic.

As a traveling bonsai artist, a big part of my job is giving public presentations to large groups on the art of bonsai. I do this locally at the Portland Japanese Garden and nationally to bonsai clubs and organizations throughout North America. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, all of that work is canceled for the next 6 weeks. While I’m stuck at home, and many of you are as well, I’m offering Skype/FaceTime or Phone-based bonsai instruction.

Have a deciduous bonsai that you’re not sure how to design? Want to know how to get fine twigging? Need a good fertilizer or growth management program? I’m here and available to help.If you’re interested, send us an email at RakuyoBonsai@gmail.com for rates and we can arrange a time to chat. Stay safe everyone!

Andrew Robson

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