• Andrew Robson

Development of a White Chojubai

Although not as common as its red counterpart, the white chojubai is an enjoyable tree to grow for bonsai. I've been developing this white chojubai for several years now, and its been a joy to watch its fast progress!

June 2013 - During a hard cutback and repotting into a box

June 2013 - After cutback & repotting, with shredded moss applied on the soil surface

Now with several years of development (wiring and cutback several times a year, along with lots of water and fertilizer), this tree started to take some shape!

December 2016 - Long shoots were cut back the following spring

December 2017 - As it looks today, moving from its youth to life as a young adult

The white chojubai is a stronger tree than it's red counterpart, which brings some challenges... It's a bit harder to ramify than the red, and the mature bark that makes red chojubai so appreciated is MUCH slower to form. White chojubai also has larger leaves than the red, but they are still smaller than the standard Japanese Quince.

Although white chojubai presents some challenges, it makes for a wonderful bonsai and it's white flower are a delight in the garden!

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