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Container Upgrade for a White Chojubai

We've been working on this White Chojubai Quince for about 8 years now, and it was a joy to finally move into a ceramic container after 7 years in a grow box. For a recap of this tree, visit Development of a White Chojubai. Although Chojubai is a pretty cold-hardy plant, it is one of the first things to leaf-out in a bonsai garden. Thus, they are often the first things to be potted in the repotting season.

June 2013 - after repotting into a grow box

The last time this quince was repotted was 2013, when it was moved into a grow box to speed up its development. Chojubai are slow to fill up a container with roots, so they need less frequent repotting than other deciduous bonsai.

December 2019

After 7 years of growth in the box, both the chojubai and the box itself needed a change. I debated for a few weeks about whether to repot this quince into another box to more quickly grow it into a larger bonsai, or repot it into a ceramic container to control the growth a bit more. I opted for the latter, feeling that it was time to hit the brakes a bit on its development and start enjoying it as a proper bonsai.

after repotting - February 1st, 2020

This quince was our first repot of the 2020 season, and a very exciting one! We chose an older Yamafusa container for this Chojubai. While it's a bit too large at the moment, it should fill into this container quite nicely with a growing season or two. The baby blue color of the Yamafusa pot with the white flowers that this Chojubai is about to explode with in the next week or two should create a stunning display, one that will be repeated year after year.

Chojubai are diminutive gems.

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