• Andrew Robson

Bonsai Wire: New Podcast!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Today we're announcing a new podcast, Bonsai Wire, which is live now and available for streaming on your favorite podcast apps. Hosted by 4 bonsai professionals rather than 1, Bonsai Wire hopes to shed light on the many different facets of bonsai. We at RAKUYO will of course be bringing the deciduous approach to the table and couldn't be happier to host this podcast with 3 fantastic colleagues. Check us out at www.bonsaiwirepodcast.com

Plants, art and experience wired to perfection. Join bonsai artists Jonas Dupuich, John Eads, Michael Hagedorn, and Andrew Robson for roundtable debates on hot button topics and interviews with bonsai luminaries. New episodes every few weeks. Connect with us at:talk@bonsaiwirepodcast.com

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