At RAKUYO, we aim to spread the passion and techniques of developing highly-ramified DECIDUOUS BONSAI across the United States. As a traveling bonsai artist, Andrew Robson is available for club presentations, lectures, demonstrations, workshops and critiques. Additionally, Andrew is available for private work, teaching students and maintaining private collections throughout North America. Digital Education and Consulting is also available via telephone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. To inquire more about services: contact us


Virtual Club Presentations


October 27th - St. Louis, MO

November 9th - Seattle, WA

November 10th - Salem, OR

November 14th - Atlanta, GA

November 24th - Portland, OR

November 30th - Baton Rogue, LA

December 6th - Vermont

December 8th - Nashville, TN

December 10th - San Francisco, CA

January 13th - East Bay (Oakland), CA

January 27 - Ann Arbor, MI

February 2nd - St. Louis, MO

February 8th - Seattle, WA

February 9th - New Haven, CT

February 10th - Austin, TX

February 13th - Grand Rapids, MI


May 26th - Ann Arbor, MI

June 4th-7th - Las Vegas, NV

July 27th - Sacramento, CA